Scores for Film, TV and Video Games

Does your film, TV show or video game need tailor-made music that fits like a glove? Hire Fraser to write a score that follows the on screen drama and emphases those important moments.

Production and Trailer Music

Do you require a piece of music that you can edit to your current project? Hire Fraser to write production and trailer music in a range of different emotions.

Working with Fraser

Tight Turnarounds

Fraser makes sure that he delivers music with tight turnarounds. His working hours are flexible and can fast track projects when time on your project is low.


Communication and patience are some of Fraser's strengths. His ears are open to suggestions and critique on the music written for your project and he is happy to go back and make revisions to fit your goal.

Remote Work

Fraser is based in Melbourne but is more than happy to take on projects from anywhere in the world. If you're overseas, don't hesitate to contact!