Short Bio

Fraser is an orchestral composer for film, TV and video games, with a focus on transforming onscreen drama into colourful orchestral music.

Fraser is a young, passionate composer based in Melbourne. Fraser completed composition studies at the Victorian College of The Arts, specialising in music for film and animation, video games and advertising.

Fraser also studied Psychology at The University of Melbourne. This brings a unique perspective to the art of film composing, with the ability to put himself in a character’s shoes, allowing him to write music that forms a deep connection with the emotion on screen. 

Fraser's Story

Fraser has played piano and guitar from the age of 6, coming from a family of musicians. His parents played in rock and funk bands during his childhood, taking him on road trips, and making music an all-encompassing part of his life.

Through school, he continued to perform popular music but found a greater love for orchestral composition. Something about the connection between music and emotion on screen drew him into film music, inspiring his first piano programmatic compositions at the age of 14. He would stay up late and download sheet music from his favourite film scores, learning to play in a cinematic style. He loved to learn scores from every movie genre, from epic battle music to relaxing music, from inspirational music to horror music. This eventually led to a fascination with orchestration. He would stay up and spend unhealthy amounts of time learning which combinations of musical instruments work together to create specific moods and sounds.

After graduating from school, Fraser built his own music production studio, equiped for scoring live and virtual film scores (head over to the film scores page to check out my work).

Fraser is privately mentored by professional Australian film composer, Amy Bastow. Amy hand-picked Fraser to work along side her in her studio, and to help fine tune his orchestration, composition and production skills for the work in the media industry.

Bio current as of June 2018.